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 The Copper Dog

The Copper Dog offers you personalized services for your pet. I'll do pet walking, sitting and daycare and/or overnight stays at my home. It can be 10 minutes a day to let them out for "bathroom" breaks or  month long stay overs (depending on how everyone gets along).

I like to think of myself as "Grandma", I come and spoil a little, so they are happy to see me, but still happy to see "mom and dad" come home!

Now let me introduce the team......

Bailey, The Copper Dog

Why the name "copper dog"?  When the light hits Bailey just right, she's pure copper! And what happened to her leg? The “story” we heard was when she fell off a table and broke her hip when she was a puppy. She was taken to the vet and it was fixed, but when the pins came out the leg didn’t heal correctly. We rescued Bailey from a family member that was neglectful and possibly abusive which is why she is a shy and tentative dog.


The newest member of the family is Lucy, black and white lab/beagle mix, that is our wild child. We rescued her last summer and let's say she is "work in progress". She is the complete opposite of Bailey; outgoing, no fear except of objects (weird).They are polar opposite and perfect together. Lucy helps Bailey be more friendly with people and Bailey teaches Lucy some manners. Lucy just loves people and thinks it's her "duty" to greet everyone she sees, everyone! Look out for the big black truck, or listen out, I should say, Lucy loves to bark her way into the neighborhood in the evening to make sure everyone knows she here!


I worked in retail for 25 years. In 2011, the store I managed closed which left me job hunting. I wanted to spend my time devoted to something I was passionate about I have always loved animals and have always had animals. Growing up we had all kinds of dogs, cats, birds and gerbils, oh and peacocks once and a rooster, who thought he was a dog. I  had a way with animals.They were my first friends in life. So here I am, our neighborhood pet sitter! I lived in High Point for 16 years and call the Emerywood neighborhood my home.

I've learned so much about caring for animals over the years, here's some helpful hints for you.


When we first got Bailey, she was a very nervous dog. You couldn't leave her alone, she would tear things apart, and she had separation anxiety. I never had a dog like her before, I learned how to help her by watching the Dog Whisper and the power of the walk. It all made sense on how to help her. The Dog Whisper said that dogs live in the “now”, that feeling sorry for her wasn't helping her and he was right. We needed to stop thinking of her as a crippled dog and think of her as just a great dog. She had never been walked before so her legs didn't have much muscle tone ( you can see it on one of the pictures at the top of the page)  So we started with slow and short walks. We started walking as a pack morning and night , everyday, rain or shine. Bailey transformed into a more confident dog. She is more relaxed and at ease, she a happy dog! Now most people don't notice her leg as we have built up her muscles in both legs. A walk is powerful thing for a dog, it lets them know who's boss, where their place is, and releases stress for them. Having a big yard to play in is one thing but a walk is a totally different thing. It's like you have the whole house to work out in yet you still go to the gym. A walk is a newsstand/internet, with every sniff full of information and a mental and physical exercise for them.

Sit and Stay

Having your pet stay at home reduces stress on them and you,  no more meeting deadlines for pick up.  I try to keep your pets routine the same as if you were home, so they are more relaxed and at ease. I try to sense what your pet's "wants" are- playing ball, walking, brushing, hugging, treats and /or chatting, so we have a fun and comfortable time together.


"I trust her with my life" - Sally Henley

Must  Do's!

* all pets should have collars with names, addresses and phone #'s, it' a MUST!

* all pets should be “chipped”, so they can safely be returned home.

* all pets must have their rabies shots updated. We had a friend that had to put his three

    dogs down because he let their vacancies lapse.

* make sure all your pets are getting their monthly heart-worm and flea/tick meds It's going

     to be a very bad year for bugs.

** keeping our pets healthly and happy is our responsibility as pet parents/owners**

No! No! No!

No plastic bowls! They can have tiny little scratches that hold germs, so use metal or ceramic bowls to keep our pets healthy!

Making Meds Go Down

Peanut butter! We give Bailey and Lucy vitamins and flax seed oil so to help them take their pills, we spread a little peanut butter on them and down the hatch they go!


Use the right brush for our dog's coat and use it regularly. Plus, add a teaspoon of flax seed oil for every ten pounds that your dog weighs and mixed in their food.

All Ears

You should check your dog’s ears once a week for signs of infection, parasites, or dirt and debris. Take a look inside each ear. It should be a healthy, fleshy-pink color and free of excessive wax buildup or dirty discharge. The following are signs your dog has an ear infection:

Your dog may also shake his head violently or rub his ears along the ground or scratch at them. If you notice any of these symptoms, do not attempt cleaning your dog’s ears! Contact your veterinarian immediately for an appropriate treatment. Ear infections that aren’t dealt with properly can lead to permanent damage and even hearing loss. Visit the Washington State University website for information on medicating and cleaning a dog’s ears.

How to clean

If your dog's ears are healthy but dirty-looking, you can clean them with a commercial dog ear wash or you can make your own. It’s best to clean your dog’s ears in the bathroom or where you won’t mind a mess.

Put a generous amount of cleaner in each ear and massage the base of the ears for thirty seconds. Then stand back and let your dog shake his head. Wipe the visible part of the inner ears with a cotton ball or tissue to remove any excess cleaner. Don’t use a Q-tip in your dog’s ear; it could damage his ear drum.

Here is a “make your own” recipe:
Mix one part white vinegar with one part rubbing alcohol (50/50 mixture) in a squirt bottle and shake well.


While dogs rarely get cavities, plaque and tartar on your dog's teeth can lead to serious problems. Gum disease can be painful and cause tooth loss, bone loss, bad breath and infection. The bacteria that grows in an infected gum can also spread to other parts of a dog's body and cause endocarditis (heart valve infection), kidney and liver damage.

Before starting an at-home oral care regime for your dog, I suggest you have a vet look at her teeth and determine what level of build-up is present. If there is tartar build-up, they might remove it with a scaler, usually while your pet is anesthetized. It is important that you never try this at home as the vet removes plaque from both above and below the gum line while at home you can only reach what they eye can see.

After you are given the OK
by your vet, you are ready to start getting your dog accustomed to brushing.

Supplies you'll need:
Several different varieties of toothpaste are available.

To read our cat's eyes, you have to watch closely.

Cats' pupils dilate when they are angry or on the attack, and cats smile at us and other cat friends with appreciative eyes by squinting.

Your cat will slowly, almost, but usually not quite, close her eyes and reopen them while looking at you. When almost closed, the eyes are held at the lowest point for a second. You can return the sentiment by gently squinting back, mimicking the cat's pattern. It would be rude to do anything less.

If a cat closes her eyes all the way for more than a split second, that is absolute trust in action.

If your cat "smiles" when looking at you, you are observing a private contentment, expressed publicly in the same way you might give a happy sigh in an empty room.


Contact me to discuss the services needed.


Sandra Hall

222 Hillcrest Drive

High Point, NC 27262


Any questions or comments please let me know via email or phone.